Peoples State Bank is now Outdoor bank

Hoxie, KS, 4/17/23 - Peoples State Bank has announced that it will be changing its name to
Outdoor Bank, effective 4/24/23. The rebranding effort is part of the bank's plan to enhance its
focus on the people and businesses in its communities, while expanding its reach to new ones.
The new name reflects Outdoor Bank's deep commitment to providing banking services that are
designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. From hunting and fishing to hiking and
ranching, Outdoor Bank is committed to serving those who live, work and play outdoors.
"We are proud of our roots in Kansas and our strong connection to the outdoors," said Sharon
Schamberger, President of Outdoor Bank. "Our new name is a reflection of our commitment to
our customers, and our ability to provide personalized service that is tailored to their individual
In addition to the name change, Outdoor Bank will also be introducing a range of technical and
customer service improvements that will make it easier for customers to manage their banking
needs from anywhere, at any time.
"We understand that our customers have busy lives and need to be able to access their
accounts and manage their finances on-the-go," said Sharon. "Our new technology and service
enhancements are designed to make it easier and more efficient than ever to bank with us."
Outdoor Bank's commitment to serving its communities extends beyond its new name and
technological advancements. The bank is committed to providing enhanced, personalized
commercial and recreational land lending services, and has designed a new corporate and
private banking center, in order to create a customized experience for its clientele.
"We are excited about this new chapter in our bank's history and are committed to serving our
customers with the highest level of dedication and commitment," said owner, Scott Foote. "We
look forward to continuing to work with our communities and providing the personalized banking
services that our customers deserve."
About Outdoor Bank:
Outdoor Bank is a full-service bank with eleven branches in Kansas. The bank provides
personalized commercial and recreational land lending services, as well as a corporate and
private banking center, to individuals and businesses in the communities it serves. Outdoor
Bank is committed to providing its customers with the highest level of service and technology,
designed to make banking easy and efficient. 
Bobby Sloan
Outdoor Bank


Do I have to reorder checks? Debit Card?
No. Your account numbers and login credentials will all
remain the same. Your PSB checks and debit cards
should also continue to work as normal! If you do
experience difficulties, please contact your local branch
for immediate assistance.

What about the app?
The PSB app will be re-branded to reflect Outdoor Bank
and will also have an improved user experience to make
mobile banking better than ever. We will also continue
to roll out improvements to our systems so you can
easily bank where you want, when you want. If your app
does not update automatically, search "Outdoor Bank" in
your phone's app store and select "update". 
Your login info remains the same.

Are there new owners?
No. The bank is still proudly owned by the Foote Family -
lifelong Kansans that have a passion for our state and
the communities we serve.

Will my favorite people still be there?
Absolutely. Our people are at the heart of everything
that PSB, and now Outdoor Bank, stand for! You can be
sure that you'll still get the best service from your
favorite people.

Will my account numbers change?
No. All account numbers will stay the same.
When does the change happen?
April 24th 2023